Take Better Photos With Your Smartphone


Are you a mom or grandparent wanting to take decent photos without investing into a fancy camera?  It's likely you hold a very powerful tool in your hands on the daily.  Smartphones have cameras that are very high tech these days, and you could put it to use if you knew some simple tricks that can be easily learned in one hour.

Brush Off The Dust From Your Digital Camera


Did you buy a digital camera expecting it to take awesome photos just like that local photographer you follow on Instagram?  That can be done, but it's not the camera that gets those awesome photos - it's the photographer!  All professional photographers know how to shoot in manual with their camera, pick appropriate lenses, compose an image, and focus.  All these basics can be learned in 2 hours and will have a major impact on your photography!


Lightroom Editing


I don't know who it was that convinced me to switch from Photoshop editing to Lightroom editing, but I owe them BIG time.  Lightroom is a program that helps you stay consistent with your style but saves you so much time.  There are ways to set presets in Lightroom so all you have to do is apply that preset to every image and half the work is done for you.  Having your own style can make you stand out, but I'll admit that there are A LOT of buttons and sliders to learn before you even know how to make a preset.  I can teach you in 2 hours what took me probably a year to learn on my own.

Live Shoot


There is more to the story than knowing how to edit properly because you can't edit a bad photo and make it look good.  If you have the basics of your camera down (shooting in manual) then consider joining me for a live shoot with real models.  During the course of 2 hours I'll show you how I get great poses and find BEAUTIFUL light that makes editing 100x easier in Lightroom.  I normally work with a bride and groom, but if you're interested in senior or family photography then I can find models for that as well.


Getting Business


This takes a little longer.  During our 3 hours together I will teach you everything I know about marketing, branding, and pricing your photography.  These are techniques that helped me go from banker to Billings Best Portrait Photographer in under 3 years! This is for those that already have a basic understanding of their camera and are wanting to turn their hobby into a career or for someone struggling to get busy.

Jess and I had a mentoring session and it was incredible! She was organized and offered such great information and education I needed to jump start my photography business! From the ‘ideal client’ education to the hands on photo session, I was able to learn and apply what I learned to be a better photographer. For me, learning how to market my business was a game changer!
— Anndrea B

Half Day Session 10% discount


  • Live Shoot ( 2 hours ) 

  • Editing ( 2 hours ) 



Full Day Session 15% discount


  • Getting Business ( 3 hours )

  • Lunch ( 1 hour )

  • Live Shoot ( 2 hours )

  • Editing ( 2 hours )



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  4.  Oh... and did I mention that you get 25% OFF of a portrait session with me if you decide to do mentoring with me? 

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