Do you travel for weddings out of the country/destination weddings? We love traveling and we love wedding photography so the opportunity to do both at the same time is a dream! We've shot in Hawaii, Mexico, Ohio, Minneapolis, Savannah, and Charleston.

If you're natural light photographers can you take indoor photos? We certainly can.  We typically use artificial light (flashes) for dark ceremony and reception locations, but we like our couples to be aware that most of our portfolio is natural light (outdoor) portraits and ceremonies.  We will always request portraits outside unless it's raining...and even then we might grab some umbrellas and take some fun shots.  We like to fully communicate our style in advance (before you even book with us) so you understand what makes our work stand out and that's 100% the lighting. This means we often don't take on winter weddings unless you're willing to brave the cold for some portraits.  We will use words like "shade, sunset, and golden light." over and over when we work together.  However, if you love the results of natural light portraits and want to book with us then we'll definitely educate you far in advance on what's needed to capture AMAZING natural light portraits on your wedding day.

Why do you take on fewer weddings than other wedding photographers?  Based on a survey in BRIDES magazine one of the biggest complaints from couples after their wedding day is waiting on their wedding day photos from photographers.  We decided right away that we wanted to be all in with our couples.  However, if we are shooting multiple weddings every single weekend then it's just not possible to give our ALL to every single person we book.  That's why. That's why we've decided to take on fewer weddings than the average photographer.  We want you to get your photos back as quick as possible and we want to be available to you if something comes up a few days before your wedding; not off shooting someone else's wedding.

Do I need to do an engagement session? We say yes! It's such an awesome opportunity for us to work together before your wedding day.  We get to know each other and you get the chance to learn how we pose and give direction in advance.

How do you stay creative and fresh? Honestly, we try to stay away from Pinterest and we don't look at other photographer's work so that we can constantly be creating something new and fresh.  Every couple is different and we love to show how your relationship, connection, and romance is unique.  We do this by directing you into a natural pose so that we get your natural laughs, smiles, and moments.

Do you do family, senior, and newborn sessions? We accept 1-2 family, senior, and newborn sessions a month.  We book all these sessions around sunset and 10-12 weeks in advance.  Newborn sessions are always in home lifestyle shoots.