Engagement in Billings, MT | Surprise Proposal

I've had this maternity session scheduled for months with Nicole and Josh at Zimmerman Park here in Billings. I was already excited to meet them, but even more so after Josh reached out on Facebook and said he wanted to propose during the maternity session.

I arrived at Zimmerman to meet them and introduced myself to Josh as if it was the first time chatting with him (so sneaky, I felt like an undercover agent) and then we started the maternity shoot right away. I have to admit I was a little giddy inside the whole time. We made a plan to do the proposal at the very end of the shoot because we knew the proposal would make her cry, and we didn't want her to mess up her makeup for the maternity photos. Since we had a full 45 minutes of shooting before the proposal happened, I could sense that maybe Josh was a little giddy, too, even though he said he wasn't when we asked him after the proposal happened.

This is how it went down and how this lovely couple became happily engaged.


Josh had the ring in his coat that was off to the side laying on the ground, so I took Nicole away to do a photo of her alone. When Josh came back, I told Nicole I wanted her to stay looking forward at my assistant and I was going to coach Josh into coming up behind her and giving her a kiss on the cheek. I'm sure she thought I was all over the place at this point, but it worked!! He was able to come up behind her and get on a knee and then I told her to turn around because I didn't want to do the pose any longer. When she turned around, there he was on his knee, and her face was priceless!!! I was snapping away and got some really cute and intimate moments between the two. My assistant and I walked away and gave them a few minutes alone. We ended the shoot with just a few shots of that beautiful and unique engagement ring (way to go Josh)!

Nicole and Josh, I'm so happy for you two! I hope you have a blessed marriage and a joyful life together as a family! I'm so honored I was able to be part of this surprise proposal.